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Knight Digital Consulting currently operates in the territories of the United Kingdom, Singapore and Germany. We mainly work throughout the year across these locations. However, we are also highly mobile and flexible depending on the assignment and the needs of our clients. Whether you require a full-time physical presence or remote working arrangement, we are happy to discuss your specific needs as part of the contract pre-engagement.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is highly influential in Europe’s digital industry. It tops the list of major countries in Europe with the ‘highest birth rates of enterprise’ and is home to over 40% of Europe’s unicorns. It accounts for over a third of venture capital investments and leads Europe in the ‘app economy’. In multiple areas of technology and science, the United Kingdom is the undisputed leader for the continent, with London the center of fintech.


The Lion City
Singapore has a world-class digital infrastructure. Regularly leading global polls, it has been steadily advancing in developing a world-class digital infrastructure, through public-private partnerships, to further entrench its status as the ASEAN regional and global communications hub. Through ongoing investment, it remains an attractive destination for start-ups and for private equity and venture capital and continues to set the pace for the rest of world in digital services.


Quickly establishing itself as a technology hub for start-ups, Berlin is an attractive location for testing creative ideas. With an ever increasing flow of expertise and venture capital, great things are expected from the German capital and the largest economy in the Eurozone.